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July 10, 2020 3 min read

Testicular injuries are uncommon, despite the vulnerable position of the testicles. However, the chances of receiving a testicular trauma cannot be ruled out. Testicles hang outside the body in the scrotum, which is a pouch of skin and as the testicles are hanging out, they are not supported by muscles or bones. Thus, they can be kicked, struck, hit or crushed by an external force leading to the injury.

Testicles UnderNormalConditions

Testicles are known as the producers of testosterone and sperms and thus are an important part of the male reproduction system. However, they are prone to injuries that can leave the male impotent or damage to the essential parts. Testicles under normal conditions are known as the storehouse of sperms as they stay here to mature before moving out through the vas deferens.

Causes Of Testicular Injury

testicular support

Testicles can be injured by the penetrating force such as gunshot wounds or stab wounds, it can also suffer a trauma by a blunt force such as kick in the groin. Testicles can also be partially or completely injured by getting inflicted with similar injuries.

  • Testicle injury is of three types:
  • Blunt trauma
  • Penetrating trauma
  • Degloving trauma

Blunt trauma refers to the injuries suffered by a male from an object that was applied with a significant force to the testicles. This injury can occur while you enjoy a game of your favorite sports or while fighting with someone.

Next penetrating trauma is the type of injuries that is attained by a sharp object or from an object at a high velocity. Gunshot injury falls under this category.

Avulsion injury or degloving trauma is the least common types of testicular trauma. In this type of injury, the scrotal skin is sheared off. Men can experience this type of trauma when then their testicles get trapped in heavy machinery.

While a majority of testicular injuries can result in the rupture or fracture of the testicles, the injuries can also result in more serious problems. Therefore, if you are suffering from testicular trauma, it is important to visit the doctor at the earliest.

Moreover, in order to avoid undergoing testicle trauma, it is important to wear an undergarment that provides excellent testicle support. UFM underwear has been designed by the professionals to deal with this condition. Designed with an exclusive US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable support system, UFM underwear makes it easy for the wearer to adjust the testicles in the adjustable pouch according to his requirements.

UFM Underwear

Previously jockstraps were used to support the testicles but it was not able to provide support to the buttocks. However, UFM underwear is seen as a comfortable alternative to jockstrap and is recommended by urologists for extra support. Superior testicle support is also required by the patients suffering from various other medical conditions. For instance; if a man is suffering from Epididymitis or Hydrocele, doctors recommend them to wear an underwear that will provide the required support to the testicles.

The UFM drawstring support system is amazing as it makes it easy for senior citizens and patient suffering from incontinence to keep the male guard in place. UFMs works great with Depend and Prevail, the male guards and help them to save themselves from embarrassing situations.

So if you have ever experienced

  • Chafing
  • Sticking of the scrotum to the thighs
  • Sitting on the balls
  • Minor traumas

It is the right time that you choose an underwear that provides you with excellent support. UFMs are available in two options:

So make a choice between the two depending on your preference and buy UFM underwear from Amazon or the UFM online store.