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What is so Special about UFMs?

Do You Shake and Wiggle?

What leg length do you prefer?

6" Boxer Briefs are the most popular.  Did you know that UFMs are the only boxer brief that provides actual support?  Other models merely squash your manhood against your thigh.  9" Boxer Briefs are great for guys with "Ride-Up" issues due to thicker thighs.

UFM Bamboo Spandex products are designed to provide the soft cottony feel, while still maintaining moisture management properties for anti-chafing.  It is also the coolest choice for the warm weather.  Choose bamboo for light everyday wear or light duty sports (ie golf).  UFM does not offer actual cotton products due to their poor moisture management.  Note-Cotton gets wet and stays wet causing chafe and other issues.  This material also goes by viscose (made from bamboo)

UFM 90% Polyester/ 10% Spandex are especially rugged and designed for more active wear.

Why choose Polyester Spandex? 

MAXIMUM moisture wicking

Quick Dry

More Compression Fit (due to the high spandex content)

Note: This is for the body material only on the Trunks, Standard and Long Boxer Brief.  The pouch design and material is the same between the bamboo and polyester options.  It is a 4 way stretch polyester mesh the with the same support level. 

Briefs feature solid pouch material and will be the same as the body material.

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