June 19, 2020 4 min read

Working outdoors, enjoying your favorite hobbies, and spending time with your family or just walking all leaves you with consistent exposure to the sun. With sun comes sweat, chafing, and discomfort.  One especially challenging thing the summer heat brings is male chafing.  Ouch!  Dressing for the heat should include every aspect of your attire – including your underwear.  Most men's underwear do not provide actual support.  They simply smash your goodies against your thigh resulting is rubbing, sweat, sticking and chafing.  UFM underwear features a patented adjustable drawstring pouch that provides real support and isolation.  Tey allow you to stay cool and comfortable even in the hottest of conditions and you are not having to constantly adjust yourself.  Stay active this summer during both work and play when you have the right support system keeping you in check.

For Men that Work Outdoors

Some of the hardest workers in our country are those that work outside on a daily basis. Whether you protect our communities as a firefighter or you are a trade worker that finds himself outdoors for repair work, the right pouch underwear supports you and allow you to move freely. It keeps your body cool with moisture-wicking material and stops chafing on the spot. You cannot work well if you are fighting the heat with out the right solution downstairs.UFM Underwear takes into account the shape of the area being protected. Spending long days on your feet means gravity has a chance to take its toll on your anatomy if your underwear isn’t working as it should. The right pouch underwear gives you the structural support you need as you bend, reach, twist, and turn. Barry M. says, “I chose these to wear during the hot summer months when I am in and out of a warehouse. They are working perfectly!”  Now that adjustable pouches are available from UFM, it will feel like your underwear was custom-made for you.

For Outdoor Workouts

Whether it is jogging or triathlons, basketball to outdoor yoga classes, workouts can be much more dynamic when conducted outdoors. In the summer, the weather is ideal for enjoying the outdoors as you burn calories. A natural side effect of a hard workout is sweating from every part of your body. Sweat can bring about an array of problems that leave you uncomfortable, chafed, and smelling ripe. Typical underwear options are made from cotton, which doesn’t dry if it gets wet from sweat or rain. Thanks to its water absorbing properties you will find yourself chafed and sore if your underwear is made from cotton. see the article "Cotton Kills" UFM Underwear solves your problem with moisture management technologies and isolation of you boys for  outdoor exercise. The right option for athletes at every level is making the switch to UFM pouch underwear. Instead of constantly adjusting your junk, the UFM pouch will support you and stop chafing. A pouch made of mesh 4 way stretch fabric keeps you cool and supports you with a comfy hammock for your manhood. Underwear For Men makes underwear with an adjustable pouch so you won’t find yourself falling out as your workout intensifies. With options for briefs and boxer briefs, we have your style preference that supports you well.

For Swimming in the Pool or at the Beach

Every man needs support that will leave everything in place as he enjoys the water during the summer months. Gone are the days of using the built-in mesh as underwear when you wear your swim trunks. There are simply better options to keep you comfortable as you move in and out of the water. You shouldn’t need to adjust yourself or feel overexposed when you have pouch underwear to keep everything where it should be. From surfing on your own to swimming with your family, wearing pouch underwear under your swim trunks will keep you comfortable. Underwear For Men uses polyester spandex or bamboo spandex -- both materials that dries faster and better than cotton. Instead of sitting by the pool soaked, you’ll be dry quicker with this brand under your trunk. The right solution for men looking to make the switch is a customizable option like UFM underwear. We use a US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable drawstring pouch system to gently support your manhood without any discomfort. “I was a bit skeptical about the drawstring pouch,” says Curtis B., “But it is actually quite amazing and comfortable and fun to be able to change the look depending on the mood.” 

About Underwear for Men

As a company focused on making life more comfortable for men, we have taken the time to address all of the discomfort that commonly plagues men. When the heat outside is at record highs, you won’t suffer if you have UFM Underwear underneath your shorts. Some of the features our briefs and boxer briefs provide you with:

  • Support from a drawstring pouch
  • Breathability with lightweight fabrics that don’t lost their shape
  • A waistband that doesn’t ride up
  • Moisture-wicking material to keep you dry and odor-free
  • Durability for the most intense workouts
  • A tapered leg customized to fit a man’s body

Enjoy your summer as you fight the heat with pouch underwear. Whether you are enjoying outdoor hobbies or completing outdoor work, UFM underwear will work for your needs. Visit www.UFMmensunderwear.com for our full selection of briefs and boxer briefs, now available in 7 colors. 


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