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July 10, 2020 3 min read

Are you an athlete or does your job involves a lot of walking? If so, you may have experienced chafing at one point of time or another. When your skin rubs against your own skin, it causes a red rash, painful irritation, and even bleeding with enough movement. Chafing of the skin is common among men, no matter your size. All too often, chafing happens on the most sensitive parts of your body. Without the right mens underwear supporting your manhood, your amount of chafing may increase. Underwear For Men designed an alternative to jockstraps to provide you with support, comfort, and anti-chafing. Simply slip on a pair of our briefs or boxer briefs to experience the difference you get from wearing better underwear. 

Thanks to Underwear For Men, you are able to feel comfortable in your mens underwear without getting the discomfort of chafing. Whether you experience irritation from walking at work, working out at the gym, or moving around on the weekends, our boxer briefs are the right alternative to the jockstrap. Some of our customers come to us for an alternative to jockstraps and start wearing our underwear for everyday and work wear. 

Eliminate Chafing Associated with Heat and Humidity

It is common in humid conditions for guys to get increased levels of chafing. Humidity makes you sweaty and irritates your skin. Too many guys are stuck in the jockstrap rut. Just because you've been buying jockstraps for years doesn't mean there isn't another solution out there. Underwear For Men has created that solution for you. Our company makes briefs and boxer briefs to suit guys with all product preferences. The mens underwear from our company are all made from moisture-wicking material. This keeps your body dry if you are actively sweating. 

Mens Underwear That Keeps You Comfortable

The design of our mens underwear  acts as a better option than a jockstrap because it supports your manhood in a more comfortable manner than a jockstrap. A standard style doesn't cover your butt and leaves a lot of people feeling exposed. Underwear For Men fits like a regular pair of underwear so you don't feel overexposed or uncomfortable around others. No one wants to be adjusting while moving and walking, whether you are at work or at home.

If you invest in any type of men's underwear, be sure to make a purchase of an anti-chafing men's underwear. Underwear For Men is proud to manufacture men's underwear to truly suit a man's needs. No matter your activity level, we keep you comfortable with our anti-chafe materials and features. 

US patented and Intl patents pending Adjustable Pouch Underwear

Once of the reasons our briefs and boxer briefs are right choice for men is thanks to our US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch. Simply tie your adjustable drawstring to get support and isolation for your manhood. Guys that are constantly moving while on the job tie our adjustable pouch tighter and higher to stop jostling. While you are relaxing, we recommend the 'slow and low' method to suit your manhood. Underwear For Men suits guys including construction workers, dentists, mail carriers, nurses and doctors, truckers, mechanics, teachers, administrative professionals, personal trainers, retail sales associates, landscapers, firefighters, police officers, photographers, movers, plumbers, and valets.

Avoid Downtime Caused By Chafing Recovery

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If you are a person dedicated to working out, you cannot afford to be sidelined because of chafing. Chafing leaves you feeling pain and discomfort as you move. With Underwear For Men on, you won't get chafing at all. This completely eliminates any off days you need to take because of chafing recovery. Work out when you want to, as long as you are wearing our adjustable pouch underwear.

Chafing is very painful and only worsens with time. Therefore, it is important to take preventive measures to avoid it. Still thinking about different ways of preventing this pain? Use UFM briefs or boxer briefsUFM mens underwear has a US patented and Intl patents pending adjustable pouch briefs that makes it easy for the sportsmen to run, exercise or do anything they want even in humid conditions. These briefs provide additional support and comfort to athletes.