Frequently Asked Questions About UFM Men's Underwear



When do you recommend wearing UFM Men's Underwear?

Our US patented and Intl patents pending men’s underwear has many uses, including sport, work, everyday, and medical. Most men like to have a variety of styles. We recommend trying all of the various styles and generations to fit the perfect fit for you. UFM Men's Underwear is extremely versatile and suits the lifestyles of every man in every moment.


Can you explain in simple terms what is the difference between the Generations?

Each Generation of UFM Men's Underwear includes product updates and changes driven by our customer base and product engineers. Every pair of UFM mens underwear includes the same US patented and Intl patents pending technology built into the front. The 3rd Generation offers MAX Support compared to the 4th Generation which offers REG Support. This is because the drawstring path is set back further in the 4th Generation, allowing the pouch to give more.


Does UFM Mens Underwear offer larger sizes?

Yes. UFM Mens Underwear has Big and Tall Underwear sizes up to 5X (56-58” waist) in every style and color. 


If my size is on the border, what size should I select?

If your waist size is on the border or between sizes on our chart, we always recommend buying the next size up. We want you to have the right fit with UFM mens underwear briefs, boxer briefs, and trunks.


What are the differences between the versions?

There are two generations of UFM Mens Underwear on the market.

Generation 3: The Gen 3 introduced more sizes, including Big and Tall, 4 new colors, and a boxer brief with a 9 inch inseam. Gen 3 sizes small (28-30”) to 2X (44-46”) are available in black, red, gray, camo, royal blue, turquoise, and white. Gen 3 Big and Tall sizes 3X (48-50”) to 5X (56-58”) available in black, red and gray. Our Gen 3 boxer briefs with a 9” inseam are available in black.

Generation 4: The Gen 4 added the new material option of viscose (bamboo) in the brief and 6-inch boxer brief. All briefs and boxer briefs have an updated waistband, manufactured from a new material. The modified pouch design reaches deeper for enhanced comfort. All products have a shorter drawstring. Gen 4 briefs come with a lower rise, more elastic in the legs, and new material options. The 4th Generation styles and color options include:

  • Briefs - Polyester-Spandex: Black, Red, Gray, and Royal Blue
  • Briefs - Bamboo-Spandex: Black, Red, Gray, and Royal Blue
  • Trunks 3" - Polyester-Spandex: Black, Gray, and Royal Blue
  • Trunks 3" - Bamboo-Spandex: Black, Red, Gray, and Royal Blue
  • Boxer Briefs 6" - Polyester-Spandex: Black, Red, Gray, and Royal Blue
  • Boxer Briefs 6" - Bamboo-Spandex: Black, Red, Gray, and Royal Blue
  • Boxer Briefs 9" - Polyester-Spandex: Black, Red, Gray, and Royal Blue
  • Boxer Briefs 9" - Bamboo-Spandex: Black


How do I know which Generation to order?

A great starting point for your new UFM mens underwear is to always try the latest generation of products. Gen 4 is our most recent generation so we suggest selecting a Gen 4 product in either the Polyester/Spandex or the Viscose (Bamboo) option. While all of our Generations offer excellent support, if you are looking for MAXIMUM support, try any of our 3rd Generation styles. If you are looking for REGULAR Support, try any of 4th Generation styles.


What materials are UFM men’s underwear made from?

The products are currently made from breathable moisture wicking 10% Spandex, 90% Polyester. This combination supports your manhood while still being breathable and moisture-wicking. Wear this material for work, sport, medical, or everyday use.

Our Gen 4 UFM Mens Underwear products are now available with viscose (bamboo) (95% bamboo, 5% spandex) to provide you with a cottony feel, but unlike cotton, this fabric wicks sweat. We recommend wearing these briefs and boxer briefs for everyday, medical, and low to moderate athletic use.


Where can I learn more about UFM Men's Underwear?

We welcome you to keep in touch and stay updated about our company on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You are essential to our brand and we welcome your engagement with our online posts. Following us also helps you stay aware of our online postings that might involve freebies, contests, and more!


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